How to File a Judgment With the Probate Court in Jefferson County, Alabama?

Answer When a creditor obtains a money judgment against a debtor who lives in Jefferson County, Alabama, he should record the judgment with the probate court as soon as possible. Though the judgment takes... Read More »

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How do I File Guardianship Papers in Probate Court in Coos County, Oregon?

The Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) set forth the laws of Oregon; section 419B discusses the procedure for appointing guardianship over a ward or incapacitated adult. Essentially, guardianship is nec... Read More »

Probate Court Rules in Alabama?

The Alabama probate court handles cases of adoption, marriage license application, the appointing of notaries public, wills and the recording of legal documents. The Judge of Probate court also ser... Read More »

What is a county court judgment?

"County court" is the name assigned to a state trial court in many jurisdictions in the U.S. These courts are also known as district or superior courts. A county court conducts civil and criminal p... Read More »

How do I obtain a county court judgment?

PetitionFile a petition (or complaint) with the clerk of the county court. The first step in obtaining a county court judgment is filing a petition, a document that sets out the basic information r... Read More »