How to File a Divorce in Canada?

Answer While an attorney can be helpful for filing divorces involving complicated disputes, it is a simple process if there are no major disputes involved in a divorce. Canadian law provides two type of d... Read More »

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Do It Yourself Divorce in Canada?

There are two requirements before you can file for a divorce in Canada. You or your spouse must have lived in Canada for at least one year, and you must be living apart or intend to live apart on a... Read More »

Common Law Divorce in Canada?

While commonly called “divorce” by couples terminating a common law marriage, the Canadian court defines the termination as a separation. Separation differs slightly from divorce, including pot... Read More »

How to Get a Divorce Online in Canada?

Divorce doesn't have to be expensive and complicated. There are online companies that can give you a reliable and affordable alternative to high priced lawyer fees and mind-numbing do-it-yourself d... Read More »

When did divorce become legal in Canada?

The first federal divorce law was passed in Canada in 1968. Previous to that act, each province had different requirements for divorce. The Divorce Act of 1968 reguarlized divorce throughout all th... Read More »