How to File a Court Summons?

Answer The purpose of a court summons is to inform the defending party in a lawsuit that the person who is filing the lawsuit, known as the plaintiff, wishes to bring a case in court against the defendant... Read More »

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How to Create a Court Summons?

Save some of the costs of a lawsuit by creating your own court documents, including a court summons. A court summons is a document that must accompany all complaints, and serves to give notice to t... Read More »

What if I Get a Summons for Court for Default on a Loan?

If you default on a loan, your creditor may sue you for the amount you owe plus his attorney's fees. If a creditor decides to sue, you will receive a summons to court. The summons tells you what da... Read More »

Is a court summons a public record?

A court summons, which tells a defendant to appear is court, is a public record. Attorneys and mediation firms often access these records to search for potential clients. If someone has been summon... Read More »

How to Respond to a Superior Court Summons Through Writing?

A superior court summons is formal notice of a lawsuit or civil action filed against you in superior court. Superior court, in many states, means the state court. A summons accompanies the complain... Read More »