How to File a Consumer Complaint About a Bank?

Answer You can file a complaint if you think a bank has been unfair or misleading, discriminated against you in lending, or violated a law or regulation. We investigate complaints related to federal consu... Read More »

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How to File a Consumer Complaint in Nevada?

If you are a resident of Nevada or are visiting the state as a guest, you can file a consumer complaint regarding any negative experience you have had with an organization or business. There are se... Read More »

Does the bank or the consumer file the charges in a credit card fraud case?

Under federal law, consumer liability is limited to a maximum of $50 per credit card. Once the user reports the fraud, the bank sends a fraud affidavit to the consumer to be made out and sent back.... Read More »

How to File a Complaint About a Lawyer in Mississippi?

Lawyers in Mississippi are charged with abiding by the set of ethics provided for in the rules of professional conduct. If a lawyer is found to have engaged in misconduct in violation of the rules ... Read More »

How to File a Complaint About an Unauthorized Withdrawal?

You check your bank statement online and discover a problem, or it shows itself when your ATM cash withdrawal attempt comes up short. You feel violated and furious upon discovering your account has... Read More »