How to File Affidavits in Court?

Answer Evidence in civil actions can take the form of documentary evidence, tangible items, video tapes and testimony. Often, testimony is the most relevant form of evidence and is given considerable weig... Read More »

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How to: Motion to Strike Affidavits?

An affidavit is a sworn statement, and a motion to strike an affidavit tells the court that you do not believe the contents of the affidavit to be truthful. Before motioning the court to strike the... Read More »

Can wills without affidavits be probated?

A will can be probated without an affidavit attached. If no affidavit is attached to a will when it is going through probate court, witnesses to the decedent's signature must appear in court to te... Read More »

What Types of Letters Are Used in Affidavits?

Testimony is required in court cases in order for the judge, jury or panel to know the facts and evidence. This testimony is given by witnesses. Occasionally, witnesses in court proceedings aren't ... Read More »

How to File a Will in Probate Court?

The probate process is the set of legal processes through which assets get distributed after a person dies. When a person leaves behind a last will and testament, it must be accepted by the probate... Read More »