How to Figure pH?

Answer PH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The simplest method of determining pH is by using pH strips. PH strips are filter paper that will change colors based upon the acidity ... Read More »

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The 10.00-{\rm V} battery in the figure (Figure 1) is removed from the circuit and reinserted with the?

There is 10V / 5 ohms = 2 amps out of the 10V battery, with 2 amps thru the 3 ohm resistor.There is 5V / 5 ohm = 1 amps out of the 5V battery, with 1 amp thru the 4 ohm resistor.There is 2A + 1A = ... Read More »

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How to Figure Out MPG in a Car?

To save on gasoline and help protect the environment, we want as efficient a vehicle as possible. The term used to describe how efficient a vehicle is, is MPG (miles per gallon), which measures how... Read More »

How to Figure out the CPM?

CPM is a marketing term short for "cost per thousand." It is a way of measuring the rate of return for advertising money you spend on the Internet. It will help you find out how much you are paying... Read More »