How to Figure out How Your Crush Knew You Liked Him?

Answer Oh my gosh! You just found out that your crush knows that you like them! You're probably thinking, "What am I going to do?" If that sounds like you, then you have come to the right place.

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How to Figure Out What to Write in Your Crush's Yearbook?

It's the last day of school. Possibly, the last day that you will ever see your crush again. How do you leave that last impression in his yearbook? What to write? What to write?

You are 19 and your sister is 12 you have a cute crush and a little bit attracted sexually but knows it's wrong She is very mature for her age why you have the crush Is this just a phase?

Incest, don't even think about it. Look for a girl with maybe the same kind of personality or if you must, same looks? But if you stick with the idea of you and your 12 year old sister, I'd suggest... Read More »

The 10.00-{\rm V} battery in the figure (Figure 1) is removed from the circuit and reinserted with the?

There is 10V / 5 ohms = 2 amps out of the 10V battery, with 2 amps thru the 3 ohm resistor.There is 5V / 5 ohm = 1 amps out of the 5V battery, with 1 amp thru the 4 ohm resistor.There is 2A + 1A = ... Read More »

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