How to Figure a Salary Schedule?

Answer A salary schedule is a system many employers use to determine starting wages and increases based on tenure, years of service, qualifications or credentials. The term "salary schedule" is commonly u... Read More »

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North Carolina Proposed Teacher's Salary Schedule?

For the 2009 to 2010 school year, North Carolina teachers were paid a state-legislated minimum wage along with a supplement from the local county in which they taught. Salaries in the North Carolin... Read More »

How to Figure Out Your Yearly Salary?

If you are an hourly or contract worker, you often are paid by the hour, and while you may know week to week what your paycheck's going to bring, it can be useful to know what that would look like ... Read More »

How to Figure Withholding Tax From a Salary?

Employees who are paid a salary receive a fixed amount of pay that they can count on each pay date. Like all forms of wages, salary is also subject to payroll tax withholding. Federal and most stat... Read More »

How to Figure Out My Paycheck Based on My Annual Salary?

If you've been offered a new job and are having trouble working out how your annual salary will translate to a regular income or are concerned that your current employer isn't paying you properly, ... Read More »