How to Figure Your Qualifications for an EBT Card?

Answer EBT stands for Electronic Benefit Transfer and is the new method for disbursing state-funded food programs. Electronic Benefit Transfer Cards replace paper food stamps and checks. The cards, simila... Read More »

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How do i figure interest on a credit card?

Calculate Daily RateDivide the annual percentage rate (APR), not the annual percentage yield (APY), by 365 to calculate the daily interest rate on your credit card. For example, if your credit card... Read More »

How do i figure out what video card i have?

Effective troubleshooting of monitor problems, determining game compatibility or considering a video card upgrade make compelling reasons to check on the computer's video card. The video card now o... Read More »

Can't figure out what graphics card to use?

You pretty much need a GTX 680 or HD 7970 to run Crysis 3 on Very High settings. Multiple monitors is going to need Crossfire/SLI for sure though. A single GTX 680 only manages around 30 FPS on Ver... Read More »

How to Figure Credit Card Tips & Taxes in a Restaurant?

Besides paying taxes on the menu price at restaurants, you are also expected to leave a tip for your server. Trying to figure out your total beforehand can be a little confusing, so most people jus... Read More »