How to Figure Speedo Gear Ratios?

Answer Speedo gear is shorthand for the speedometer gear in automobiles. The purpose of speedometer gears is to read the speed accurately based on the tire size and the axle configuration. In fact, you c... Read More »

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How to Figure Gear Ratios in a Rear End?

The gear ratio in your rear end determines how many times the driveshaft has to turn for the wheels to turn one revolution. Low gear ratios, which are numerically higher, such as 4.11 to 1, give be... Read More »

How to Install a Speedo Gear AODE?

Installing a new speedometer gear in the AODE transmission is a fairly straightforward process. This gear is connected to the speedometer sensor and is driven by the output shaft inside the transmi... Read More »

How do gear ratios work?

Gear ratio, usually expressed as a decimal fraction, represents how many turns of the input shaft cause one complete revolution of the output shaft, according to This fract... Read More »

How to Tune Gear Ratios?

Gears do more than transfer rotational power from one source to another; they can adjust the rotational speed as well. That's what transmissions and drive-lines do. Few people, other than road race... Read More »