How to Figure Sales and Profit Margins Percentages?

Answer When looking at the profitability of a company, investors look at a number of financial statistics including the company's total sales, profit margins and gross margin percentages. The more sales, ... Read More »

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How to Get Profit Margins?

Profits keep businesses alive. Successful businesses rely on profit margins to propel them forward and ahead of the competition. Many times profit margins measure the health and vitality of your bu... Read More »

How do i calculate gross profit margins?

Calculate ProfitSubtract the cost of goods sold from the income generated by selling those goods. These amounts can typically be found in a company's annual report. For example, if a company genera... Read More »

How to Compare Industry Gross Profit Margins?

Accounting information provides individuals an opportunity to review a company's financial health and gauge their performance. A common formula used for comparisons is the gross profit margin, whic... Read More »

Profit Margins for the Evaluation of Marketing Plans?

Marketing plans depend on a variety of decisions made by company leaders. Generally, as they form top-down marketing strategy, marketing executives are interested in a particular goal; these goals ... Read More »