How to Figure Out the Cost of Shipping & Handling?

Answer Shipping and handling is a valid business expense that can easily eat into the profits of your sales if not applied properly. Too high of a rate and you'll lose customers to cheaper shippers, while... Read More »

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Is sales tax paid on shipping&handling?

Shipping, not considered a tangible good, normally is not subject to sales tax. However, if the vendor does not separate the shipping charges on the receipt or invoice, the shipping is subject to t... Read More »

Is it legal to charge tax on shipping&handling?

It may be legal to charge sales tax on shipping and handling. The laws vary by state. The legality can also be affected by how the charges appear on the invoice. Some states, such as California, al... Read More »

Are you charged shipping&handling when you redeem air miles for rewards?

The inclusion or exclusion of shipping and handling (S&H) charges for rewards purchased through redemption of air miles depends entirely on the air miles redemption program. Always refer to your pr... Read More »

Shipping Cost Analysis?

Companies must pay freight or shipping costs when purchasing materials or sending products to business locations. A shipping cost analysis helps a company determine if the payment for the service i... Read More »