How to Figure Out the Average Atomic Mass?

Answer The mass of an element is determined by the makeup of its nucleus. Atomic nuclei contain two types of particles: protons and neutrons. They weigh approximately the same. One proton or one neutron w... Read More »

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Where on the Periodic Table is the atomic number and atomic mass located?

The Periodic Table of Elements is composed of all the known elements of the natural world, listed in order of increasing atomic number. Most charts list each atom in rows of boxes with the element'... Read More »

What is the atomic mass of beryllium?

Beryllium has an atomic mass of 9.012182 amu (atomic mass unit). It is classified as an alkaline, meaning it has a low concentration of hydrogen ions. It was discover in 1798 by German chemist Fred... Read More »

How Do I Estimate Atomic Mass?

Atomic mass is equivalent to the total number of neutrons and electrons of an atom. The periodic table lists the atomic weights of atoms, which is a weighted average of all occurring isotopes of th... Read More »

How to Calculate Atomic Mass?

Atomic mass can have several meanings. Its proper meaning is the mass of a specific isotope of a given atom, but it is also incorrectly used to mean the average mass of a sample of different isotop... Read More »