How to Figure Out Your "Song"?

Answer No, "your song" doesn't mean a song you wrote, composed, and sang. It's the song that defines your morals in a way that most people can understand. Your "theme song", say. But, yikes! When somebody... Read More »

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Can you help me figure out that name of this song?

How to Figure Out a Song by Ear?

When you can't find a good guitar tab for a song, try learning it on your own!

How to Figure Out a Song's Meaning?

Listening to the lyricsEver been listening to the radio and wondered "What is it this song about?" Artists write songs as an expression of themselves. Some choose to let the music do the talking, b... Read More »

What song is this I can't figure it out (audio provided)?

"O Fortuna" - Rhydian…