How to Figure Out Why a Person Does That Thing That Gets on Your Nerves?

Answer "Aargh! Why does he/she keep doing that?" people can be annoying for a variety of reasons, whether they just hate you or they are just plain annoying.

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Does the "size 0 is ugly...curvy is beauty" thing get on your nerves sometimes?

I think everyone who has contributed to this question has made great points and I agree with the majority so all I got to say is as long as you look good naked who cares if your a size 0 or a size ... Read More »


if they fired u they would have stopped ur login from working but company shouldn't be allowed to fire u without notice but that's another story

How to Figure Out if an Online Person Might Like You?

Does she like me???If you are online and there is this person who you think likes you but you don't know (pretty hard cause you can't see the person, but not impossible) here is a way to find out how.

Are the jaw nerves&eye nerves connected?

Jaw nerves and eye nerves found in the human head are not necessarily connected, but there are cranial nerves that control certain functions of both the eye, jaw and the rest of the face.Source:Cra... Read More »