How to Figure Out Whether or Not You Are a Lesbian?

Answer Lesbians are women-loving women. We are women who are sexually attracted to other women. We are women who may feel emotionally and spiritually closer to women. We are women who prefer women as our ... Read More »

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The 10.00-{\rm V} battery in the figure (Figure 1) is removed from the circuit and reinserted with the?

There is 10V / 5 ohms = 2 amps out of the 10V battery, with 2 amps thru the 3 ohm resistor.There is 5V / 5 ohm = 1 amps out of the 5V battery, with 1 amp thru the 4 ohm resistor.There is 2A + 1A = ... Read More »

How to Know If You Are a Lesbian?

Do you wonder if you might be a lesbian, but you aren't sure? Would you like to know if this is just "a phase" or if you're really not straight? Here are some simple steps to find out if you are a ... Read More »

How to Be a Lesbian?

Love: Against the Odds.So you think you're a lesbian? Well, you can't just "become" a lesbian. Defining your sexuality is a life-long, deeply personal, and fulfilling moment. If you've realized tha... Read More »

How to Come Out As Gay or Lesbian?

You have realised your sexuality, and have accepted it, and now you have decided to come out of the closet. You may want to stop and think about whether you are doing the right thing by confiding i... Read More »