How to Figure Out Labor Costs on Painting a Tractor?

Answer The labor cost of painting is one of those things that can vary immensely by something as small as the neighborhood being painted in. Low ball prices are extremely common among painters who use sub... Read More »

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How do I figure costs for a banquet?

ItemsBudget items for a banquet will include the costs for site rental, site preparation, equipment rental, tables and chairs, rental of musical instruments or overhead projectors and screens, prop... Read More »

How to Figure What to Charge to Paint a Tractor?

Depending on how much body work and repair is required, painting a tractor can be a time-consuming task. Auto body fillers, primer and paint is expensive. To figure out what to charge someone for p... Read More »

Interior House Painting Costs?

Interior house painting does not usually need to be done as often as exterior painting, since it is not subject to the same wear from weather conditions. However, even interior paint fades, and it ... Read More »

Can you help me figure out how much this vintage radio costs?

back in those days "battery" meant it worked on a farm house battery system, not a 12 volt car battery. it would be from the 1930's as after the war most farms had converted to regular REA power.a... Read More »