How to Figure Out How Much Candy Is in a Jar?

Answer Figuring out how much candy is in a jar is a typical math game that is used by teachers and entertainers alike. This type of problem can be labeled a mathematical problem, a critical thinking probl... Read More »

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Trying to figure out name of candy i bought in chicago's chinatown?

Probably rice candy... they come in rice wrappers that melt in your mouth.…

What candy bar was introduced in 1930 by candy maker Franklin Mars?

In 1930, Franklin Mars added a chocolate coating to a candy bar made of nougat, peanuts, and caramel, inventing the Snickers bar. It was an instant hit, and sales are still going strong 80 years la... Read More »

The 10.00-{\rm V} battery in the figure (Figure 1) is removed from the circuit and reinserted with the?

There is 10V / 5 ohms = 2 amps out of the 10V battery, with 2 amps thru the 3 ohm resistor.There is 5V / 5 ohm = 1 amps out of the 5V battery, with 1 amp thru the 4 ohm resistor.There is 2A + 1A = ... Read More »

Which is correct "A gum coating with candy"or"A gum coated with candy"?

A gum coated with candy. It is right sentence