How to Figure Out Averages With Percentages?

Answer The average, or the mean, in math is the number that results from all of the numbers added together and then divided by the amount of numbers used in the problem. Educational classes often use an a... Read More »

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How to Calculate Averages of Percentages?

A percentage is a proportion (or ratio) that states the number of parts or items per 100. For example, if 37 percent of the pencils in a box of 100 pencils are red, this means 37 of the pencils ar... Read More »

How to Figure Income Tax Percentages?

All residents of the United States, if receiving some type of income, are mandated by law to pay a federal income tax each year. A portion of your annual income for the year is taken, based on how ... Read More »

How to Figure an Increase of Percentages?

Many times, people measure increases as raw numbers, such a budget increase of $1 million or a pay raise of $3,000. However, for statistical purposes, sometimes people measure increases in percenta... Read More »

How to Figure Grade Average Percentages?

If you're a student or a parent you've heard the words Grade Point Average (GPA) before. Your GPA is a number that can determine the path of your academic life, and ultimately your career. It will ... Read More »