How to Figure Out Average Velocity for Physics?

Answer Average velocity is often confused with average speed, because both relate to how fast an object moves. However, average velocity has a direction while average speed does not. If you run around in ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Constant Velocity in Physics?

Constant velocity, the distance a point or object displaces over a given time interval, is used extensively in the fields of engineering, computer programming and physics. Motion simulators, for ex... Read More »

How Do I Figure My Muzzle Velocity?

Knowing how to calculate the muzzle velocity of a weapon when you don't have its specifications handy is an important skill. You may need to determine the velocity of your projectile at impact in o... Read More »

How to Calculate the Average Velocity?

Average velocity differs from average speed because velocity uses displacement instead of distance traveled. For example, if you did a lap around a 1-mile track, finishing where you started, your d... Read More »

How to Find Average Velocity in Calculus?

Velocity is a measure of how fast an object is displaced from one point in space to another, the magnitude of movement in a given direction. This value is expressed as a ratio of distance displaced... Read More »