How to Figure Metric Tons?

Answer The metric ton, also known as the tonne and abbreviated "t" or "MT," refers to a measure of mass in the metric system. The metric ton is a large unit, equal to 1,000 kilograms. You may need to conv... Read More »

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How to Convert KGs to Metric Tons?

Kilograms and metric tons, also known as tonnes, measure mass. Kilograms are abbreviated kg while metric tons are abbreviated t. Metric tons are significantly larger than kilograms, which can make ... Read More »

What food stuff contains tons & tons of proteins for heavy & healthy workout purpose ?

Eggs,lentils,tofu,milk,yogurt, are some of the best.You can always supplement these by soy nuggets, soy milk and other soy products together with engineered whey protein powder as prescribed.Moreim... Read More »

Harley dividson vs Metric bikes, which is better i think metric bike are better.?

Despite what many Jap bikers may say, ever since the Evo came out in the mid 80's Harley is just as dependable as any Jap bike. I've been riding for 40 years Honda, Yamaha and a couple Kawasaki's ... Read More »

The 10.00-{\rm V} battery in the figure (Figure 1) is removed from the circuit and reinserted with the?

There is 10V / 5 ohms = 2 amps out of the 10V battery, with 2 amps thru the 3 ohm resistor.There is 5V / 5 ohm = 1 amps out of the 5V battery, with 1 amp thru the 4 ohm resistor.There is 2A + 1A = ... Read More »