How to Figure Credit Card Tips & Taxes in a Restaurant?

Answer Besides paying taxes on the menu price at restaurants, you are also expected to leave a tip for your server. Trying to figure out your total beforehand can be a little confusing, so most people jus... Read More »

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How do i figure interest on a credit card?

Calculate Daily RateDivide the annual percentage rate (APR), not the annual percentage yield (APY), by 365 to calculate the daily interest rate on your credit card. For example, if your credit card... Read More »

How do I figure a minimum payment due on a credit card balance?

Information You NeedGather the information you will need to calculate the minimum monthly payment. These include the average daily balance for the most recent statement period and the minimum month... Read More »

How do I pay a restaurant bill with a credit card?

The BillAsk your waiter or waitress for the restaurant bill when you're done with your meal and ready to pay.The PaymentPlace your credit card inside the bill folder, if one is provided. Put it in ... Read More »

What happens when you go to a restaurant and don't have enough money to pay and no credit card?

if they management is nice, they'll take your name, address, phone number, and have you pay them back later.if they are't nice, or it was a huuuuggge dinner, they might have you call someone who ca... Read More »