How to Figure Concrete for Footings?

Answer Concrete footings provide stability for a building. Concrete footing codes and requirements vary from state to state. The length, width and depth of your footings depend on the local building code.... Read More »

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How to Figure Concrete Yardage?

Before beginning any concrete placement job, it is important to determine the correct volume of concrete you will need for the job. An insufficient amount of concrete may cause you to have to make ... Read More »

How do I figure concrete cost?

Determine the volume of concrete you need in cubic yards. You can calculate cubic yards by multiplying the estimated length (in feet) by the width (in feet) by the depth (in feet) and then dividing... Read More »

What Are the Footings for Javelin?

The javelin throw is a field event contested in college and adult amateur levels and involves throwing a spear for distance. Lining up for the javelin requires specific footwork for balance and dis... Read More »

How to Pour Deck Footings?

Concrete footings hold decks in place, preventing them from moving across your lawn, and they also support the weight of the deck. Before pouring deck footings, check with your building code office... Read More »