How to Fight at School?

Answer So whether you're the school bully or the victim looking for revenge, school is where most of the drama happens. People just get on your nerves every hour, and you just want to break their bones. B... Read More »

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How to Fight in Middle School or High School?

When you made a huge mistake to a bully in high school or middle school and he wants you to fight him, what do you do then? The best approach is to apologize for any wrongs you may have caused, avo... Read More »

How to Win a School Fight?

In school, fights are inevitable. There are always students who dislike each other. They rarely end up in fights, but what if you are in that situation? Remember, it may sound cheesy but, never get... Read More »

How to Fight Racism in Your School?

Racism can become a major problem in a school. As a student, you may have to deal with people who make hurtful remarks about your race. Just keep in mind that these are about as meaningful as "You ... Read More »

How to Defend Yourself in a Fight at School?

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, someone may try to attack you. Even without martial arts or self-defense training, you can still defend yourself. Read on for more info.