How to Fight a Coyote?

Answer Being confronted with a coyote is a rare experience, and will probably never happen. But it's best to be prepared, especially if you live in the country.

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How to Act Like a Coyote?

Many people want to release their inner animal. Here, you will learn how to release the coyote in you!

How to Trap a Coyote?

Coyotes are members of the canine family. Coyote trails are common across pastures and fields, wooded areas and near livestock. Occasionally, a coyote will attack sheep, goats or calves and chase t... Read More »

How to Hunt a Coyote?

If your a rookie to hunting and want to hunt coyote and need help then please read this article

How to Find a Coyote's Den?

The coyote, cousin to the wolf and dog, is a versatile animal that easily adapts to a variety of different environments. Though it's generally not recommended to try to interact with coyotes, since... Read More »