How to Field Dress a Ptarmigan?

Answer The ptarmigan is a small game bird similar to grouse and spruce hen. This bird is the Alaskan state bird; is a species that changes color during the year for camouflage. Fall and spring are the bes... Read More »

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How to Field Dress an Elk?

The proper field dressing of an elk is very important. It helps to maintain the integrity of the meat. Its also the ethical thing to do. This is part of being a responsible hunter.

How to Field Dress a Rabbit?

Field dressing, also known as gutting, is the process of removing the skin and internal organs in order to best preserve the meat for eating. With rabbit, this is particularly important as they can... Read More »

How to Field Dress a Deer?

It's imperative to field dress a deer in the woods to lower its body temperature so the meat doesn't spoil.

How to Field Dress a Duck?

Mallards in FlightCongratulations, you have killed a duck! Now, you want to cook up some nice, juicy meat for dinner. These directions will instruct you on how to field dress a duck. This a fairly ... Read More »