How to Field Dress a Deer After a Kill?

Answer After preparing all year, hunting and finally bagging a deer, your job has only just begun. In order to show the proper respect to the animal, you must begin the process of caring for the carcass s... Read More »

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How to Field Dress a Deer?

It's imperative to field dress a deer in the woods to lower its body temperature so the meat doesn't spoil.

The Best Way to Field Dress a Deer?

Along with keeping the meat clean and cooling it quickly, field dressing is one of the most important steps in putting quality venison on the table. Even though gutting the deer is the second thing... Read More »

After pressure from my wife I have bought an humane mousetrap. I've caught a field mouse. How do I kill it?

The general idea of a humane mousetrap is that you catch the mouse alive and then release it unharmed some distance away from your house.Of course, this isn't really that humane at all because, for... Read More »

How to Cape a Deer in the Field?

After a successful hunting trip, mounting a prize buck is a good way of showing off your accomplishment. There are many ways to mount a deer, and a shoulder mount is a common choice. A shoulder mou... Read More »