How to Fiberglass a Door Panel?

Answer Fiberglass door panels are lightweight and extremely strong. Unlike the metal that typically makes up door frames, fiberglass does not rust and makes an ideal material for areas that experience ext... Read More »

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How thick is the panel in a flat panel door?

The flat panel in a cabinet door is usually one-fourth to one-half inch thick. Most door frames are three-quarters of an inch thick with a groove cut in the frame to receive the panel. It is struct... Read More »

How to Distinguish a Wood Door From a Fiberglass Door?

When choosing a door for your home, you have three choices: wood, steel or fiberglass. While choosing one demands some consideration and time, telling the difference between the three is fairly str... Read More »

What is the difference between a steel door&a fiberglass door?

Steel and fiberglass doors are manufactured in a similar way, but each type of door performs differently. Each is made with a structural foam core that is laminated with a steel or fiberglass "skin... Read More »

DIY Fiberglass Panel?

A dented and damaged body panel can not only make your vehicle less aesthetically appealing but can cause you to lose fuel efficiency. A damaged body panel will create more drag in your vehicle mak... Read More »