How to Fertilize a Barrel Cactus?

Answer The squat, fat shape of the barrel cactus makes it a prized choice as an indoor potted plant. The cactus plant fills a pot well and, as it matures, it produces small offsets that cluster attractive... Read More »

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How to Draw a Barrel Cactus?

Barrel cacti generally grow in the American southwest. They are known to be some of the largest species of cactus. This tutorial will show you in a few easy steps how to draw a cute, flowery barrel... Read More »

Root System of the Barrel Cactus?

Barrel cacti (Ferocactus cylindraceus, Ferocactus wislizenii) grow 3 to 5 feet tall with long, 2-inch spines that cover them all over. The spines usually have a slight curvature at the tips. The ba... Read More »

How to Grow Golden Barrel Cactus?

Echinocastus grusonii is one of the mainstays of desert landscapes. They are best planted close together among large rocks or boulders. Here is how to grow them from seed.

How do i plant barrel cactus seeds?

PreparationPlace a layer of pebbles or small stones in the bottom of a plastic container. If the container doesn't have bottom drainage, poke several holes in the bottom of the container. Fill the ... Read More »