How to Fertilize a Barrel Cactus?

Answer The squat, fat shape of the barrel cactus makes it a prized choice as an indoor potted plant. The cactus plant fills a pot well and, as it matures, it produces small offsets that cluster attractive... Read More »

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When Does a Barrel Cactus Bloom?

Lost in the desert, a man spies a squat, round cactus on the horizon. Like a mirage, it glistens with the hope of moisture. Everyone knows the barrel cactus -- it has saved television, movie and ... Read More »

How to Draw a Barrel Cactus?

Barrel cacti generally grow in the American southwest. They are known to be some of the largest species of cactus. This tutorial will show you in a few easy steps how to draw a cute, flowery barrel... Read More »

How does a barrel cactus survive?

A barrel cactus [Ferocactus spp] survives by absorbing some sunlight and deflecting, dispersing and reflecting the rest into the environment. It survives by adding beauty to the bright, drab, dry, ... Read More »

What is the native habitat of the barrel cactus?

The native habitat of the barrel cactus ranges from the southern United States of America to Mexico. It's called the barrel cactus because of its barrel shape. It also is called the fish hook cactu... Read More »