How to Fertilize Evergreens in Winter?

Answer Hollies, pines, junipers and other evergreens offer color and interest to your landscape all year, helping to stave off winter depression. Evergreens also need remarkably little care. They usually ... Read More »

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How do I fertilize evergreens?

Crown WidthFertilize in April to mid-June with about 0.5 lb of nitrogen for every 65 square feet of the tree's crown. For example, if the tree extends 5 feet way from the trunk in all directions, i... Read More »

Evergreens That Do Well in Full Sun in Summer & Shade in the Winter?

Evergreens have the ability to retain their foliage color through winter, when most other plants have died down for the season. With this ability, evergreen trees and shrubs provide warmth and colo... Read More »

Can I Fertilize My Gardenias in the Winter?

Gardenias are evergreen plants with attractive, glossy leaves that bear fragrant, white blossoms that are often used in flower arrangements and corsages. Gardenia is hardy in U.S. Department of Agr... Read More »

Should I fertilize my lawn in the winter?

Terry, You basically have hit the nail on the head yourself. Fertilizing in the dead of winter, especially in Chi-town, would be a waste of money, time, and nutrients even if it is an organic ferti... Read More »