How to Ferment Cider Using Wild Yeasts?

Answer How's this for simple? Canning jars or just large glasses; cheesecloth or any cloth; water, and frozen concentrated apple juice. Yeasts are everywhere, and will arrive uninvited to brew your apple ... Read More »

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What Type of Organisms Are Yeasts?

Yeast is used to make many of the things people consume in their everyday lives -- it's a staple of bakeries, breweries and distilleries. Despite its prevalence, though, some are surprised to learn... Read More »

Regular apple cider or hard cider?

Scrumpy, the sort that makes you chase the white rabbit around and around. I love hard cider.

Differences Between Baker's & Brewer's Yeasts?

Yeast is a member of the fungus family and is a living organism that can be found even in the air around us. Baker's and brewer's yeasts belong to a species of yeasts called Saccharomyces cerevisi... Read More »

How to Ferment Fruit?

Fermented fruit can make for an excellent gift to give family and friends. You can use the fruit to flavor alcoholic beverages or top your favorite desserts. Yeast breaks down the fruit sugars duri... Read More »