How to Feel the Music You Play?

Answer Yes, we all know that 'practice makes perfect' (or close to it). Yes, we all know that who we consider 'good' at playing the violin is for technical reasons, but how do you achieve the perfect bala... Read More »

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How does music make you feel?

Oh wow. Well, music is just such an amazing thing! It can be so soothing, or so pumping at times. It can be an escape from reality. It can change moods, or activate emotions. And the lyrics, people... Read More »

How does trance music make you feel?

The definition of trance is "a state of detachment from one's immediate surroundings, such as in deep concentration or daydreaming." Listening to trance music aims to stimulate the nervous system a... Read More »

Which music instrument(s) do you play play or would you like to play?

Can loud music make you feel sick?

rap, hip-hop, and r&b make me sick at any volume level.