How to Feel and Look Healthy and Pretty?

Answer A healthy boy and girlLiving a happy, healthy lifestyle can affect how you look. It can brighten your eyes, bring color to your skin, and make you feel like taking on the day. To look and feel your... Read More »

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How to Look Healthy and Pretty?

Doesn't she look healthy and pretty?Ever want to look pretty and healthy? Well here is how you can be both.

How to Feel and Look Pretty?

Who wouldn't want to feel and look pretty? Though judging people purely based on looks is superficial and discouraged in society, it's also inevitable because we don't have the time to get to know ... Read More »

How to Look in the Mirror and Feel Pretty?

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How to look/feel pretty without makeup?

Try using a matte face cream, it will even out the skin, keep it moisturized and won't be shiny so you don't need foundation or anything. Clinique has a good one, but you can pick up some less exp... Read More »