How to Feel and Look Good (Girls)?

Answer Do You wish you looked less tired or more happy? No more worries. Read the How To and hopefully you'll feel and look better in no time!

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How to Look and Feel Good (for Teen Girls)?

Many teens don't feel confident and they worry about the way they look. You don't have to be any size for this to help you do both those things. It doesn't matter if you are underweight, overweight... Read More »

How to Feel Good in Middle School (Girls)?

Okay so here is the deal, you really want to feel comfortable in the life you have. The only way to do this is to follow these steps. This article is also saying how to smile about who you are and ... Read More »

Do girls always feel competitive around other girls?

Well, Unfortunately alot of girls/women today are insecure about themselves in one way or another. Its just the society we live in. We want to be viewed by others as - "just as pretty" or "just as ... Read More »

Black girls, How do you feel about black girls with natural hair and being opposed to perms?

I LOVE natural hair. It is so different and unique. I hate that so many sistas perm claiming that it is for this and that when they know the real reason is just a complex. However if black girls wa... Read More »