How to Feel a Song's Feeling?

Answer Read this if you want to know how you can catch the feeling a song is transmitting.

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Does anyone feel happier after feeling pain then not feeling it.?

Can you still be pregnant if you are 4 days late feel like throwing-up breast feel fuller and pee alot low sugar dissy tired headaches offon and have this chucky feeling in you throat but test was neg?

No, you can't. If the test is negative your are definitely not pregnant. Your hormones are just out of whack.

I feel fat l, what should I do to get rid of that feeling ?

Exercise will help. You will feel satisfaction from knowing you have worked out and your body releases chemicals that make you feel good. :)

When i feel a tingling feeling on my bottom lip.?

It is possible you could be getting a cold sore. Read about them here and see what you think.……http://www.emedic... Read More »