How to Feel Your Cervix?

Answer Many women tracking their ovulation check their cervix as part of the process. The cervix becomes soft, high, open, and wet during ovulation, and at other times is firm, low, closed, and dry.[1] It... Read More »

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I'm 37 weeks pregnant and have felt inside my cervix I think I'm just 2cm what does the cervix feel like is it ring shaped when will labor start I have mild period cramps?

Answer If you are not a doctor or midwife there is no way you should be feeling your cervix, you could easily introduce an infection which could be fatal to you and/or your baby. Keep your finger... Read More »

What does your Cervix feel like when you are pregnant?

Answer The cervis is closed and thick and higher up in your vagina during pregnancy when you go into labor the cervix effaces (thins out) and dialates (opens up) it also moves down allowing the ba... Read More »

What should your cervix feel like/position be at 6DPO?

Hi,I charted my CP, CM and BBT. I only charted CP the month I was pregnant so I am afraid i cant compare it to the months i was not pregnant.But, I do remember wondering why my cervix was still har... Read More »

How does your cervix feel at 3 weeks pregnant?