How to Feel Really Clean (Ages 9 14)?

Answer Of course, no one wants to look messy or dirty. So if you are between the ages of 9 to 14, you should keep reading! The main hint of looking clean and tidy is being just that!

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How to Keep Clean when You Don't Feel Well?

Mmm...lovely hot waterWhen you feel unwell, you really can't be bothered to keep clean. Here is how to.

How to Feel Clean and Ready for Anything?

Being ready and clean all the time can sometimes be a challenge. Here's how you can do that just in 45 minutes easily! You will see how people treat you differently.

How to Feel Good and Clean?

If you haven't showered in a few days, and you just feel dirty, greasy, and down right disgusting, check this out!

Do you feel happier if your house is clean?

Ohh yes I feel so happy with clean house. I think I owe this to my mom. She used to clean houses and would take us with her because she had none to watch us. So I must have a clean house or else I ... Read More »