How to Feel Happy During a Cold Winter?

Answer Have you ever noticed how bad weather seems to drag the spirit down with it? There's nothing you can do about the weather, but there are various things you can do to keep your spirits up until spring.

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How to Feel Happy when Winter Won't Go Away?

Does it feel like winter will simply never go away? Is that making you feel down and depressed? Try these tips to help you feel happy again!

Is it cold in montreux switzerland during winter?

No of course not, that's why it's the skying capital of Switzerland.Please, no more stupid questions.

What’s the key to avoiding cold and flu germs during winter?

Pinpoint any food intolerances you may have to ensure that your system is not laboring under any unecessary stress and hence being robbed of essential nutrition;Eat a wide range of leafy and green ... Read More »

Can you leave a butterfly Japanese maple tree potted out in the cold during winter?

Japanese maples are not cold hardy. If Japanese maples survive the winter in the ground in your area, they still might not survive in a pot because the cold air is so close to the roots.