How to Feel Good Alone in Your 50s?

Answer Ever wonder how to fill all your spare time now that you are "50ish and free"?  Things didn't turn out the way we thought they would, and now here we are.

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How do you feel minutes before going into a bar alone?

No different than I do going into a grocery store alone.

Why does it feel good to rub your eyes?

When you rub your eyes it stimulates the ocularcardio reflex, applying pressure around the rectus muscles that move the eyeball. This causes a response in the vagus nerve, through their close assoc... Read More »

How to Feel Good About Your Body?

Everyone, no matter whether they be a girl or a boy, will look down at themselves one day and wish that what they see could be replaced by a body of a god/goddess or supermodel. So how can we feel ... Read More »

How to Feel Good About You and Your Life?

Scientists and philosophers may say "Life is about...." when they really only base it on their facts. We don't live our world by facts, but by emotions. Life is about how you value your life. Becau... Read More »