How to Feel Good About You and Your Life?

Answer Scientists and philosophers may say "Life is about...." when they really only base it on their facts. We don't live our world by facts, but by emotions. Life is about how you value your life. Becau... Read More »

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How to Feel Good About Your Body?

Everyone, no matter whether they be a girl or a boy, will look down at themselves one day and wish that what they see could be replaced by a body of a god/goddess or supermodel. So how can we feel ... Read More »

How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Good About You?

Do you know someone who has a boyfriend but after a few days goes for another girl? Has that ever happened to you? You need to make sure your boyfriend feels good about you and while he's near you.... Read More »

How to Clean Your Room and Feel Good About It?

Your room will get messy eventually, especially if you don't clean it regularly. Here's how to clean it and feel good about it!

What is your advice for helping someone feel good about the way they look?

When my daughter was young, and she would have friends over, the most fun thing to do was play dress up. I would also tell them what my mom used to tell me. "Pretty is as Pretty does." You can be... Read More »