How to Feel Comfortable With Your Body?

Answer Looking at picture perfect pictures of people in magazines and television can make you feel less than comfortable with your body. Even looking at people who you know or see in places, such as the m... Read More »

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Would you feel comfortable puting nude pics of your post partum body on the internet?

No, but there are a couple pictures of me during my labor(nothing too revealing) on the website of my midwives.As for your question, I wouldn't be too comfortable showing my pre or post nude body a... Read More »

How to Feel Comfortable at a New Gym?

Joining a new gym or workout facility can be daunting. The following steps may help make the transition into your new lifestyle less intimidating.

How to Make Someone Feel Comfortable With You?

There are many different ideas regarding making someone feel comfortable in your presence. However, this guide should help those who have a hard time making other happy being around them.

How to Feel Comfortable With a Scar?

Scars can be one of the most embarrassing things ever, especially if they are in a clearly visible place, like your face or arms. Whether you had a clumsy accident falling down the stairs, or you j... Read More »