How to Feel Clean and Ready for Anything?

Answer Being ready and clean all the time can sometimes be a challenge. Here's how you can do that just in 45 minutes easily! You will see how people treat you differently.

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Is it mental abuse when a parent yells at you 24-7 for not doing something right and you feel really bad and are very depressed and cry every night because you feel like you can't do anything right?

Answer I am not sure what MA is, but don't worry most of us feel like this at some time or another in our lives. I know it sounds silly, but go and talk to your parents, tell them you need some en... Read More »

How long does it take you to feel awake and ready for the day?

About 17 1/2 hours, then it's time for bed again. Oh, Happy Birthday (belated)!!

Why do I feel depressed after eating anything?

Hi Eli,I'm glad you took the time to ask this question, because you are right: this is a serious concern. Just the other day, I wrote a response to an asker here who did not understand why people c... Read More »

Eyes hurt, feel swollen anything i can do ?

Well my eye, actually now at the moment, always the right one swells up sometimes just for not reason, I find that within two days or so it should go away, if not get some eye drops from your docto... Read More »