How to Feel Better when Clothes Don't Fit?

Answer Did you ever feel horrible when you looked in the mirror and realized your clothes are too baggy or too small? Well, here's a way to overcome that frustration.

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My girlfriend has shaved off her "WELCOME MAT" and i dont like it because it dont look or feel the same?

Don't be so fussy....least you can now see what your eating!!

Should you be concerned if you dont feel your baby kick but you do feel fluttering?

Not really. it all depends on how far along you are, but the baby may have decided to change its movement patterns and moves when you least notice, like at nite when you sleep.

I am moving out and dont know how to wash my clothes can someone help?

I dont feel like myself?

hello, it!!i am like you to, so now im currently taking on ANTI-DEPRESSANT drugs to cope with my emphatic mood!! really does help, like if you're before(now), you would have ... Read More »