How to Feel Beautiful with Chemotherapy Headwear?

Answer If you are undergoing or are about to undergo chemotherapy, you might be wondering how you are going to feel beautiful after treatment since many kinds of chemo cause hair loss. There are many kind... Read More »

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What does chemotherapy really feel like?

Personally I LIKED getting chemo EVERY MONDAY for 8 weeks straight. Let me explain this to you so you can understand. The first day of chemo was very upsetting. I was imagining poision running t... Read More »

I hate chemotherapy!!! Will I always feel like this?

i don't know about chemotherapy, but i did external radiation on my neck and chest. I felt like crap for 3 months or maybe even more. everything tasted horrible. i had sores in my mouth all the tim... Read More »

How to Feel Beautiful when You Don't Look It?

Everyone has those days where they think they don't look good. However, if you have been thinking like that for awhile, it's time to change yourself as well as your attitude. This article will help... Read More »

How to look and feel beautiful?

Life can be much easier if most people are not too hard on themselves about their own appearance and personality. Read more on different ways to look and feel beautiful. Does this... Read More »