How to Feed a Chameleon?

Answer Chameleon Feeding.Chameleons are a popular choice of lizard in the reptile keeping hobby. They are more suited to the more experienced reptile keeper as they are easily stressed. When it comes to f... Read More »

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Chameleon Experiments?

Carrying out an experiment for a science class involving a reptile, such as a chameleon, can be an exciting an educational task. Most chameleons have simple needs and taking care of them is fairly ... Read More »

How to Use Chameleon Paint?

Chameleon paint for vehicles uses a standard basecoat/midcoat/clearcoat painting process that, while requiring care in preparation, is not overly difficult to apply. Chameleon paint is also known a... Read More »

How to Tell Your Chameleon's Gender?

Chameleons, with their long life expectancy, hearty countenance and flamboyant color-changing, are commonly kept as pets by reptile lovers. Unlike many other species of lizard, several marked physi... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Chameleon?

Hiding in the green with Chameleons!So you want to care for a chameleon? Chameleons make excellent pets, but owning a chameleon is not simple. It takes much responsibility and you need to set some ... Read More »