How to Feed Your Rabbit with Pellets?

Answer Pellet diets are healthy and yummy for rabbits (when supplemented with the correct fruits and vegetables), but you have to know how to safely and correctly feed your rabbit pellets. Read this artic... Read More »

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Do mice eat rabbit pellets?

Rabbit pellets are made from alfalfa and are not suitable for mice because they do not contain the amount of nutrition that mice need to be healthy pets. Feeding mice on a diet that is not recommen... Read More »

How to Raise Worms in Rabbit Pellets?

Raising worms for compost, also called vermicomposting, along with rabbits is a great combination. The rabbit pellets, or droppings, provide the worms with excellent food. If kept underneath an out... Read More »

How much alfalfa pellets do you feed a 1300 lb. horse?

The amount of alfalfa pellets you feed a 1300 lb. horse depends on whether it is easy-keeper, regular-keeper or hard-keeper. An easy-keeper requires between 19.5 lbs. because they maintain their we... Read More »

How to Feed a House Rabbit?

Your house rabbit needs to have a good diet to stay healthy and live a long life. Here's how you can give your bunny the best and most nutritious food.