How to Feed Your Child Enough Protein?

Answer It is recommended that children between birth and age 10 have 13 to 28 grams of protein every day. Sometimes it can be difficult to get anywhere near this number, especially if you have a picky eat... Read More »

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How to Feed Protein Supplements to Yearling Grass Cattle?

Yearling grass cattle, or cows between one and two years of age that are allowed free grazing on grass pasture, often perform better with a protein supplement. These supplements improve the rate of... Read More »

How to Feed Your Child Enough Vitamin B?

Children need a constant replenishing of vitamins and nutrients in their diets, including vitamin B. The family of B vitamins is actually 8 different vitamins, many of which are water soluble. This... Read More »

How to Feed Your Child Enough Iron?

Iron is a necessary nutrient that the body needs to create hemoglobin, a component of red blood cells (RBCs) that carries oxygen and delivers it to the body's cells. A child with an iron deficiency... Read More »

How to Feed Your Child Enough Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is essential to a child's healthy growth. It is one of the leading contributors to good eye sight, healthy skin and hair. Feed your children enough vitamin A to ensure they have enough to... Read More »