How to Feed Worm Farm Worms?

Answer After you've built your worm farm, it's very important to know how to feed your worms properly so that they thrive and remain healthy. This article provides a quick rundown on the feeding aspect of... Read More »

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How long can worms live in a worm farm?

Red wigglers or Eisenia fetida can live from two to 4.5 years in a worm bin, whereas in the wild they might only live to be a few months old, notes Ohio State soil ecologist Clive Arthur Edwards in... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Pot Worms in a Worm Bin?

Pot worms, also known as white worms, are viewed as pests by most people who find them in their worm bins. The idea is that they will cut into the red worm population in the bin because they reprod... Read More »

Do worms eat food in a worm bin?

Compost worms, typically red wigglers or Eisenia fetida, eat both the food and their bedding in a worm bin. Their preferred foods are vegetable scraps, particularly melon and pumpkin, as well as co... Read More »

Worm Composting: Worms Climb to the Top of the Bin?

You may lift the lid off the top of your worm bin to discover your herd of red wigglers climbing up the sides or perhaps even outside the bin proper, fleeing their bedding. This signals the need fo... Read More »