How to Feed Tomatoes to Goats?

Answer Goats are friendly animals that are often kept on farms for their milk and meat and as companions. More closely related to deer than to cattle, goats require shelter and a pasture so that they can ... Read More »

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Can I feed baby goats raw cow milk?

According to an article published by FiasCo Farms, raw cow's milk can be fed to a baby goat. However, a Goat Wisdom fact sheet warns that cow's milk doesn't have enough fat or nutrition for baby go... Read More »

How do I feed goats cedar tree branches?

CollectionCollect freshly cut cedar tree branches in a pile outside of your goat pasture. Keep the cedar branches out of reach of your goats until they're hungry, ideally just before feeding time, ... Read More »

How to Feed Goats Cedar Tree Branches?

While it may be a common belief that goats will eat "anything," they do have some culinary taste. They are natural foragers and will appreciate yard clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, and tree ... Read More »

Plants to Feed Goats to Control Internal Parasites?

Goats, like other ruminants, can be prone to worms and other internal parasites. The key to controlling parasites is in the diet. Many plants have natural, deworming properties that aid in parasite... Read More »