How to Feed Picky Chihuahuas?

Answer Many dog owners have seen that many small dogs can be finicky, especially chihuahuas. Read this page to help reinforce your pup's appetite!

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How to Breed Chihuahuas?

You should consider many factors when breeding your Chihuahua, including the age of the parent dogs. Once the puppies are born, you need to consider important factors, such as nourishment. To get t... Read More »

How do I fix a picky eater?

First of all, you shouldn't have stolen that baby from the hospital in the first place. I told you I wanted the one with the webbed toes.Secondly, why would you want to give her milk? Every time sh... Read More »

Chihuahuas & Itchy Skin?

Itchy skin is a problem that is among the most commonly seen by veterinarians. It can be serious because dogs can cause serious injuries in their quest to stop the itch. Despite the fact that Chihu... Read More »

Information on Raising Chihuahuas?

A tiny breed with a mysterious past, the Chihuahua can be a lively and loyal companion. Despite their small size, they can develop dominance issues and try to become the leader of the pack. While t... Read More »